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Feb. 15th, 2008 @ 12:48 am Y Herro Tharr Update And A Question
Top Edit -- So it's noticeable: Just so you know, I saw that the poll was a clear shut-out (7 votes for "Definitely", which I kinda expected ^_^; ...) and am now working to set up the different jobs. Just letting you guys know what I'm up to and that I'm not ignoring the poll or anything o/


Looking over the F.A.Q. because I have no life, I noticed that there might be a large amount of Tales-based questions that could be avoided if I just ... y'know ... answered the common ones.

So I did.

The F.A.Q. has been updated with the answers to some common (and some uncommon, maybe) Tales-related questions about how certain things would apply to the RP. There is also a new OC type -- replica. However, I'm not making 'replica' a race; it must be stated in the background that said character is a replica. And yes, playing the original alongside it is alright as well. And yes, I realize that most originals die, but remember that not all do. Or at least I don't think they do ... >___>; ... uhm ... well, this is an AU after all, so yeah! *dodging potential bullet get*

Also, I thought of this a short while after opening the RP, but wanted to see how many teacher characters would make an appearance first. But yes, seeing as some characters just ... aren't cut out to BE teachers like both of the teachers we have now XD, I was thinking of opening the field for other job positions in the academy. Such thrilling positions as ...



And yes, our current teachers can make a little job switch if they so please when this is put into effect. And no, those aren't the only jobs I'm allowing out into the open. All of the ones that can be taken will be listed after I see the results of this poll.

Poll #1138787 Poll #1

Should adult/too-old-to-be-in-school characters be able to access other school-related jobs in the RP?

As long as it doesn't make things complicated
Just teachers and students are fine.

That's all! Carry on, everyone.
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