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talesacademyooc's Journal

Tales Academy || OOC Community
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Kick back and relax ...

Tales Academy OOC Community
This is the OOC community for the talesacademy RP. Please do not join this community if you are not part of the RP.


· Personal attacks are absolutely unacceptable. Lets be mature, everyone -- take any problems outside of the RP and inform the head moderator through e-mail of the situation.

· Blatant character bashing is looked down upon. A lot. Don't do it.

· Do not post advertisements for anything. Posting anything (besides ads) related to the Tales series (request for game help, searching for icons for a specific character, so on), the RP, a hiatus, a meme, Tales cosplay, or a character (or mun) introduction/drop is definitely allowed.

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